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Hi there, I'm Conor.
Welcome to the sesh.

When I first stepped into this industry my passion and drive for the craft was next level. However.... my natural ability was next level TERRIBLE. A naturally skilled hairdresser I was not.

Every technique seemed impossibly intricate to me. I learned slower than others, held back mostly by my incessant need to know 'why'.

Why do you place that foil there. Why do you use this product. Why use x and not y. Nothing stuck unless I could understand every inside and out. Why why why.

Despite making me the most annoying student in all existence, this constant need to understand the nitty gritty is something that I apply to my education today. I set a goal to create education that is more than 'copy and paste' techniques but to offer a deeper understanding into the decisions we make as colourists.

Conor is a L'Oreal Colour Specialist, former ID artist, three time winner of Colour Trophy across different categories and experienced educator.

His work has been featured internationally across magazines and platforms including Creative Head, Behind The Chair, Hairpainters and Hairbrained official. He has educated for platforms including L'Oreal, Redken and HairdressingLive.

In 2019 Conor James Education was born and has facilitated the up-skilling and education of thousands of industry professionals since.

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